Who the hell are you and what right do you have to blog this shit?


It wasn't long before I realised my head was in a spin. It hadn't fallen off - yet. But things were beginning to feel a little shaky up there.

I didn’t think I would ever find myself writing a blog.

At least, not in the near future. I hardly ever read blogs and I type only under duress, but I do love sentences. Especially those that roll off the page and into my heart. Ones that prickle, prod or pry.

And then the unexpected – I fell in love with the act of taking photographs again. Photography was one of my earliest joys as a kid so it was thrilling to find, forty years later, a giddy pleasure in the same act.

Before long I was researching portfolio template websites to show my pictures to the world. And somehow the experience of building that site sparked another desire in me, namely; to not only share my creativity and promote myself professionally but to share my newly formed and ever changing ideas about the world with you – my reader.

If I had a therapist no doubt I’d be reclined when I admitted to a yearning to be loved and understood. But there is also a desire to change the world. Something you, no doubt, also want. It couldn’t be just me and Superman lugging around heroic aspirations, could it?.
a skateboard pic

Subway art installation. Prague 2014.

So here is the first of many engaging and entertaining posts (he hopes!) filled with sentences and ideas that prickle, prod and pry. Or at least ones that have some pretty pictures scattered about.


My godson Rafi Kahuna (b August 13) takes to the beach.

a skateboard pic

Why hold the idea that people are hopeless when there is beauty in most of us?


Near Glenroy Station.

Thank you for reading my typing.

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Shane Nagle

Designer, photographer, illustrator & professional showoff; Shane will shoot anything that moves. “Loud, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laughters low.” - James Joyce, FW 259.7-8