And another thing!

A student of mine saw me taking this photo today and shrieked, "What are you doing?" to which and after a brief moment of cognition I replied, "Milking a tree."

She seemed genuinely puzzled by my reply, as was I by her question - I thought it was fairly obvious that the thing in my face was a camera.

These lively gents kept me entertained at Moomba recently after initially accosting me at the bar (my tripod - lamp to their mosquito buzz), with slurred assurances of their willingness to pose in any manner for me. Here. By the Yarra. Hirsuit, no suit; whatever suited.

I do marvel at the aesthetic splendour of cut-snake gym-pumped Aussie men. Especially when doused with alchohol and tattoos. Ah... Moomba!

This was above me as I Magic-ed at Oscar Mike after a fruitful day's teaching.

This was to my left.

another thing And this dear creature was marooned for a minute on the tram island at the corner of Flinders and Spring before bravely hobbling across, too slow for an oncoming car who kindly slowed to allow the old woman safe passage.

I see things like this all the time and it warms my heart.

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Shane Nagle

Designer, photographer, illustrator & professional showoff; Shane will shoot anything that moves. “Loud, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laughters low.” - James Joyce, FW 259.7-8